The Launch Factor

  • Fasting Can make You Better At Life, Here's How...

    While I initially started fasting for the above health benefits, I’ve continued to do it

    because of the positive side effects. Every time I complete another fast, I feel like

    I’ve gained an advantage over the competition, made myself stronger and gotten

    one step closer to realizing my potential.

  • Still Taking a Pre-Workout Powder? These 3 Coffee Recipes Will Help You Reconsider

    Studies have shown that drinking coffee prior to exercise increases physical performance, especially when taken 30-60 minutes prior to a workout. And while it may not give you that face tingling, all-consuming buzz it will help with higher energy and sharper mental focus. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with knowing that coffee actually helps you live longer. So, if you’re ready to make the switch from mystery powders to roasted beans (and I’m guessing you are since you’re reading a coffee blog), then read on…